The ever-growing flood of information leads to the fact that on the one hand an effective and individual approach for the information retrieval process for a user is hardly possible. And on the other hand for specialized information centers and libraries a qualified subject-specific indexing of various publications is more difficult and complex. The DeliverMath project will investigate automated processes for content indexing based on appropriate taxonomies and contextual information in the field of mathmatics.

For this project IFIS teams up with TIB and FIZ Karlsruhe as important full text and information providers in mathematics, engineering and natural sciences. Both face the challenge of meeting the needs of customers from science and research arising from the trends of digital information services and the associated global competition.

To actually realize virtual research environments for mathematics high-quality access to literature is indispensable. The construction of digital libraries in the field of mathematics here includes both the construction of a controlled vocabulary and taxonomy of fine-grained topics, as well as the development of methods for automated content analysis (content analysis, semantic enrichment) and allocation of documents. These documents are still the core of mathematical knowledge. Thus, in the context of this project, particularly methods and tools for content indexing and retrieval will be developed.

The optimal use of information requires the identification of a subset of relevant information from a large pool of potentially available information. But, the identification of relevant information is more difficult the larger and more heterogeneous the existing data sources. Thus, extensions along the search process and the integration of semantic methods are needed for building knowledge networks.

The focus of the project is:

  • The development of a semi-automatic procedure to support the previously manual creation and maintenance of controlled vocabularies and thesauri.
  • The development of a fully automated process for indexing and selection / classification of unexplored mathematical documents with high precision and quality.
  • The development of innovative and individually configurable retrieval capabilities and ranking procedures for access to the information.


Contact: Sascha Tönnies