SEP “Movie Miner” (SS 2011)

Software-Praktikum im Bachelor Informatik und Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik
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  • 06.04 um 15 Uhr in IZ 217
  • 20.04.2011 Abgabe Pflichtenheft
  • 04.05.2011 Abgabe Grobentwurf
  • 25.05.2011 Zwischenpräsentation und Vorstellung des Prototyps (15-19 Uhr, Raum PK 4.3)
  • 08.06.2011 Abgabe Feinentwurf
  • 06.07.2011 Abgabe Testdokumentation
  • 14.07.2011 Tag der jungen Software Entwickler (TDSE)


Jens wants to rent a science-fiction movie. He has seen Matrix and Inception. His friend has recomended him to rent Avatar. What should he do?

The obvious solution is to take a look at the IMDb score of each of these movies. All of them are rated as being very good!


But Jens doesn't like any science fiction movie. He particularly enjoys a good story in a movie. So is then Avatar a good choice for him?

What do other users say? Take a look at some user reviews...

  • Positive: Now this movies graphics are gorgeous, everything is so real, the 3D just adds to the effect beautifully without distracting you.”  Fantastic visual experience.”    Special Effects: Yes. They were impressive
  • Negative:  I guess the only noticeable problem with Avatar, is a lack of original story.” Plot: Terrible, shameful and embarrassing.”

So user reviews are helpful but there are almost 3000 reviews for Avatar alone! Nobody will read that much just to rent a movie!
How about evaluating them automatically?

Goal of the IfIS - SEP: Build Movie Miner, a web service for navigating through movies.

Movie Miner should be able to:

  • extract typical movie features like 'acting performance', 'special effects', 'suspense', 'character depth', 'plot', 'story', etc. users talk about in their IMDb reviews;
  • analyze user opinion with respect to these features;
  • and then it should display them in an intuitive user interface.


Document templates can be found at: link.