Das ifis-Erklärbär-Seminar

General Information

Currently the "Erklärbär-Seminar" takes place in our seminar room (IZ 251) on Tuesdays from 3 pm to 4 pm. Beyond the seminar dates announced by the table below, there is an email reminder for each of the seminars some days in advance. For any further information, please contact Hermann krollatifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de (Kroll).

Current Dates and Topics

Date Topic Speaker Material
May 4, 2021 Climbing Towards NLU: An ACL Recap Hermann Slides
May 11, 2021 On the Road to Information Extraction Hermann Slides
May 18, 2021 What the Duck is Narrative Query Processing? Hermann Slides
May 25, 2021 Problem with Few-Shot Learners Mayukh Slides
June 1, 2021   Stephan  
June 8, 2021 Causal Dependencies in Data Narrations Denis Slides
June 22, 2021 What is the answer to narratives, databases and everything? Hermann Slides
June 29, 2021 Where does knowledge come from? Niklas Slides
July 6, 2021 Like that one time before... It's all a matter of perspective Florian Slides
July 13, 2021 A Tea-Time Story Tilo Slides
July 20, 2021 „Erklärung“ und „Erzählung“ Prof. Dr. Ute Daniel Slides
November 9, 2021 Formalization Hermann  
November 16, 2021 Ein Frosch sagt mehr als 400 Froscharten Dr. Elisabeth Hoffmann  


Previous Season

Date Topic Speaker Material
Mar 27, 2018 Of Ducks and Graph Queries Tilo Slides
April 10, 2018 How to Teach Flying to an Old Duck Stephan Slides
May 8, 2018 Mining Schema Patterns for Conceptual Entity Models Jan-Christoph  
May 15, 2018  Knowledge Graphs for Information Retrieval (KG4IR) Denis  
June 19, 2018 What Knowledge Embeddings Can Do Jan-Christoph  
June 26, 2018 On the Mating Behavior of Ducks Stephan Slides
August 7, 2018 A Duck Approach Stephan  
August 14, 2018 DuckTales - Narratives of Science Tilo Slides
October 1,  2019 On Knowledge Graphs and Narratives Tilo Slides



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