Modeling Analogies for Human-Centered Information Systems

TitleModeling Analogies for Human-Centered Information Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLofi, C., and C. Nieke
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Conference Name5th Int. Conf. On Social Informatics (SocInfo)
Date Published11/13
Conference LocationKyoto, Japan

This paper introduces a conceptual model for representing queries, statements, and knowledge in an analogy-enabled information system. Analogies are considered to be one of the core concepts of human cognition and communication, and are very efficient at conveying complex information in a natural fashion. Integrating analogies into modern information systems paves the way for future truly human-centered paradigms for interacting with data and information, and opens up a number of interesting scientific challenges, especially due to the ambiguous and often consensual nature of analogy statements. Our proposed conceptual analogy model therefore provides a unified model for representing analogies of varying complexity and type, while an additional layer of interpretation models adapts and adjusts the operational semantics for different data sources and approaches, avoiding the shortcomings of any single approach. Here, especially the Social Web promises to be a premier source of analogical knowledge due to its rich variety and subjective content, and therefore we outline first steps for harnessing this valuable information for future human-centered information systems.



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