Software Entwicklungs Praktikum "SocialPal"

Softwarepraktikum im Bachelor Informatik und Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik
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Regular Dates: 
Team meetings on a weekly basis.
Additional meetings prior to important deadlines.

Participants of the Software Entwicklungs Praktikum (SEP) will self-responsibly design a software project and program an appropriate prototype. They will work in a small self-organized team and will be provided with proper project management software. We expect our students to have good programming skills in Java and to be deeply committed to the given task.

Note: Documentation of the Project can be written in German

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Mobile Phones have rapidly become the central device for communication and staying connected with all that is happening. The urge of always being up-to-date is becoming more and more drastic. Everywhere you look, people are checking their phones for the latest tweets, social media texts (Whatspp, Telegram, Tweets, Facebook updates, etc) and they're checking their phones everywhere and everywhen; Even while Driving!!

In fact, a significant number of studies in behavioural sciences has been dedicated to illustrate the negative consequences associated with the use of mobile phones while driving. These studies were conducted in an effort to defer the drivers from this behaviour.  Yet the number of fatalities and injuries remain as a standing witness to the on-going problem:

about 3,331 fatalities per year
around 387,000 injuries in the US every year

The main cause:

The problem resides in the slower reaction times (up to 30% slower reactions) that drivers experience when distracted with phones while driving. And the truth is, it's getting harder and harder to disconnect oneself from the urge and curiosity of wanting to know everything that's happening right this second. Some would go even further and say that we are under attack.  The zillion of messages, updates and notifications we're recieving from social media, is bombarding our phones and thus our attention span. This becomes even more difficult with the advent of new devices, which pair the mobile phones with the car's computer display. Devoting this attention-span to the traffic and the road while driving is of vital importance however. 

Our proposed solution: SocialPal

Goal:  increase the driver's attention without disconnecting him/her from incoming emergencies and urgent notifications.

SocialPal will keep distractions at bay, but will be able to "understand" and "learn" what an emergency is. Thus, SocialPal will constantly interact with different sources of Social Media and will deal with the open challenge materialzing in

How soon is "now"? What is an emergency? 


We are offering:

An exciting and on-demand theme
Chance to build your first mobile App
Solve a real world problem in an innovative way

We are expecting

Teamwork problem solving
Eagerness to learn
Java and JavaScript proficiency

Useful references to read more about the problem of using the phone while driving:

Car telephone use and road safety
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