Object-Oriented Specification of Information Systems: The TROLL Language

TitleObject-Oriented Specification of Information Systems: The TROLL Language
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsJungclaus, R., G. Saake, T. Hartmann, and C. Sernadas
PublisherTU Braunschweig

In this report we present the language \tt TROLL. It is a language particularly suited to be used in the early stages of information system design where the problem domain or Universe of Discourse must be described. In \tt TROLL, the description of the static and dynamic aspects of entities is integrated in object descriptions. \tt TROLL is based on sublanguages for data terms, for first-order and temporal assertions and for processes. These sublanguages are the tools to describe static properties, behavior and evolution over time of objects.\par Object descriptions can be related in many ways. The abstraction mechanisms provided by \tt TROLL are classification, specialization, generalization, roles, and aggregation. Abstraction mechanisms together with the basic structuring in objects help in organizing the system design.