OOLH: A formal framework for specifying system requirements

TitleOOLH: A formal framework for specifying system requirements
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsHon, Y. M., J. - T. Tecker, and H. - D. Ehrich
Conference NameSIGSAND-EUROPE 2008
Date Published2008
PublisherSpringer LNI, Vol. 129
Conference LocationBerlin

Most of the system requirements are written in natural language. It is not easy for the system development team to understand this document unambiguously without domain specific knowledge. It is difficult to check the correctness of these requirements. A formal framework called Object Oriented Lastenheft (German for requirements
specification) (OOLH) is proposed as a solution to handle these problems. This framework provides well-defined mathematical concepts to formulate system requirements. These well-formalized system requirements can be analyzed and understood easier and their consistency can be checked based on the mathematical concepts.
A tool, called OOLH tool, is implemented to support analyzing, verifying and checking consistency of formulas in OOLH. Logical formulas can be transformed into decision tables and truth tables. The expected behavior or a design can be specified in decision tables in this tool, such that the correctness of requirements can be verified.

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