Reification - Changing Viewpoint but Preserving Truth

TitleReification - Changing Viewpoint but Preserving Truth
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1996
AuthorsDenker, G.
Conference NameRecent Trends in Data Types Specification, Proc.\ 11th Workshop on Specification of Abstract Data Types joint with the 8th General COMPASS Meeting. Oslo, Norway, September 1995. Selected papers.

In this paper we investigate the technique of stepwise refinement used to facilitate and to structure the design process of complex software systems and to increase the productivity by reusing code, proofs, etc. Assuming an object-oriented approach to system specification, i.e., objects are understood as units of structure and behaviour, data refinement as well as action refinement have to be addressed. Our approach relies on temporal logics as a suitable framework to express system dynamics.