\sc omTroll - Object Modeling in \tt TROLL

Title\sc omTroll - Object Modeling in \tt TROLL
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1993
AuthorsWieringa, R., R. Jungclaus, P. Hartel, T. Hartmann, and G. Saake
Conference NameProc1 Intern. Workshop on Information Systems - Correctness and Reusability IS-CORE '93, Technical Report, University of Hannover No1 01/93

We make an attempt to use concepts of the OMT analysis stage to develop formal object-oriented specifications in the \tt TROLL language. The purpose is twofold: on the one hand, ambiguities, vaguenesses, etc1 in OMT (and other OOA approaches) can be discovered and eliminated easier; furthermore, clear semantics can be given to modeling constructs. On the other hand, a popular notation on top of a formal OO specification language helps in making such a language more usable in practice. After introducing briefly \tt TROLL concepts, we analyze the OMT models and identify corresponding \tt TROLL concepts. Finally, we introduce a modified graphical notation based on this analysis.