Towards a Model for Asynchronously Communicating Objects

TitleTowards a Model for Asynchronously Communicating Objects
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1996
AuthorsDenker, G., and J. Küster Filipe
Conference NameProc1 2nd Int. Baltic Workshop on Databases and Information Systems, Tallinn, June 12-14, 1996
PublisherInstitute of Cybernetics

In this paper we propose a language-independent model for concurrent distributed object systems where objects interact with each other by asynchronous message passing. Objects are modeled by sequential labelled event structures. These event structures are combined into an asynchronous system model by means of a new relation, the so called communication arrow, that expresses directed asynchronous object interaction. We give an inductive construction of a specific asynchronous system model, and prove that it is sound. This paper is a first step towards denotational semantics of and reasoning about asynchronously communicating object societies.