Translating TROLL \em light Concepts to Maude

TitleTranslating TROLL \em light Concepts to Maude
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1993
AuthorsDenker, G., and M. Gogolla
Conference NameProc1 9th Workshop on Abstract Data Types - 4th Compass Workshop (ADT'92)
PublisherSpringer, Berlin, LNCS 785

The specification language TROL1 \em light\/ is designed for the conceptual modeling of information systems. Maude is a logic programming language, which unifies the two paradigms of functional and concurrent object-oriented programming. Because of the very similar features offered by both languages, we present a translation from TROL1 \em light\/ concepts into the Maude language in order to compare the languages. Apart from presenting the translation, the languages are briefly described and illustrated by examples.