Hermann Kroll


Hermann Kroll, M.Sc.

Phone: +49 (531) 391 7443
Email: kroll@ifis.cs.tu-bs.de
Room: 233


PhD Student working on narrative intelligence.


Short CV:

2018 - now: PhD Student

2015 - 2017: Master of Science in Computer Science at Leibniz University Hannover (Relational Similarity in the Matching Process for Graph Databases)

2012 - 2015: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Leibniz University Hannover (Detection of substructures of the acetabulum on 3D-Pelvi Models)


Semester Role Lecture
Winter 2020/2021 assistant Teamproject: SherloQL 2.0
Winter 2020/2021 assistant Deductive Databases and Knowledge-Based Systems
Summer 2020 assistant Softwareentwicklungspraktikum (SherloQL)
Winter 2019 assistant Teamproject: Narrative Query Designer
Winter 2019 assistant Relational Database Systems 1
Summer 2019 assistant Softwareentwicklungspraktikum (Music Tinder)
Summer 2019 assistant Relational Database Systems 2
Winter 2018 assistant Relational Database Systems 1

Supervised Thesis

Thesis Type Date Title
Project Ongoing Evaluating the classification performance for lexical relationships in open knowledge graph embeddings
Bachelor Thesis Ongoing Investigating the practical performance of OpenIE Systems
Project Ongoing Matching Narrative Bindings agaist Wikidata and Wikipedia
Bachelor Thesis 02/2021 Optimizing ontology-expanded Graph Queries for Document Retrieval

Bachelor Thesis

10/2020 Exploiting Provenance Information to Gain Contextual Knowledge in Knowledge Graphs

Master Thesis

05/2020 Sent2Vec: Comparing Story Traces on PubMed 
Master Thesis 11/2019 Analysis of Context-Compatibility on Pubmed Articles
Bachelor Thesis 07/2019 Event Detection of narrative Structures in Wikipedia Articles
Research Project 03/2019 SemmedDB: Comparing Entities using Similarity Measures
Bachelor Thesis 01/2019 Rule Mining on Knowledge Graphs
Bachelor Thesis 01/2019 Pattern Recognition for Time Series - A Rosetta Case Study
Project 01/2019

Narrative Structure Discovery