Most of our courses are especially tailored for Master students. However, Bachelor students are also invited to voluntarily participate in our advanced courses after completing the mandatory Bachelor course "Relational Databases 1".

Our courses can be roughly categorized in one of three groups:

  • Database Technology: Technologies for implementing databases and specialized database systems.
  • Information Systems: Systems focusing on alternative query paradigms, e.g. web search engines or expert systems.
  • Applications: Usage of database or infomation system technologies within a given application domain.

All our master courses are designed as stand-alone modules and may be combined in any order with any other of our modules, regardless of its group (although it is a good idea to include RDB2 for getting the technological foundations). This allows our students to focus on any aspect of databases or information systems they deem interesting.

For advice which courses to choose, feel free to contact any of our local scientific staff members!
Also, please note that most of our master courses are offered on an irregular schedule