Seminar “Classics Revisited”

Master Informatik, Master Wirtschaftsinformatik
Seminar talk, active discussion, attendance
Regular Dates: 
Wednesdays, 16:45
Room IZ 251 (Informatikzentrum, Mühlenpfordtstraße 23)

Within this seminar, we will have a close look at classical works from the field of information systems and databases that have stand the test of time. Each participant will present a classical idea (within its historical context) and point out its impact on today's research and technology.

Each participant has to choose one topic from the following list:

Registration of participants will be handled using the QIS portal (Vorlesungsverzeichnis → SoSe 2009 → Informatik-Seminare SoSe 2009 → Classics Revisited).


Every week exactly one participant will present her/his seminar topic by giving a scientific talk. Each talk should take between 30 and 45 minutes. Thereafter, the speaker gets (constructive) feedback from the other participants regarding her/his presentation skills. The main goal of this seminar is to improve these skills. At the first seminar meeting, we will work out together how a good talk should look like and how to avoid typical mistakes.

For passing this seminar, we expect the following from each participant:

  • Carefully prepare your talk; an outline of the talk has to be explained to and discussed with the teaching staff at least two weeks before giving your talk
  • Give an excellent talk
  • Provide detailed feedback on the other participants' talks within discussions
  • Attend every seminar meeting

Seminar Dates

  Date Topic Slides
 1  2.4.2009 Introduction, organizational issues, and assignment of topics
 2  8.4.2009 How to give a good talk? Checklist
 3 15.4.2009 Raphael Koch: The relational database model
 4 29.4.2009 Truong Vinh Tran: Entity-relationship modeling
 5  6.5.2009 Daniel Fricke: Query by Example
 6 13.5.2009 Vasiliki Chatzimpeilikli: SEQUEL
 7 20.5.2009 Martin Szymanski: B-trees
 8 27.5.2009 Eike Günther: The ACID properties
 9 10.6.2009 Patrick Werner: Two-phase locking
10 17.6.2009 Sergej Dechand: Query optimization
11 24.6.2009 Oliver Türk: System R
12  1.7.2009 Till Lorentzen: PageRank
13  8.7.2009 Carina Flämig: The Semantic Web
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