Lecture "Relational Databases 2"

Master Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik
Regular Dates: 
Thursdays, 15:00-17:15, IZ 160

Oral Exams

EXAMS WILL BE IN THE IFIS LIBRARY (between room IZ216 and room IZ219)

Time slots for oral exams can be allocated in the weeks  25.-29. July 2011; and 19.-23. September 2011. Please contact Regine Dalkiran for an exam apointment.


In contrast to Relational Databases 1, this lecture will focus on how to implement a relational database. All major challenges are discussed and different solutions are presented.

The focus will be on

  •       basic architecture of relational databases
  •       index structures
  •       query processing
  •       query optimization
  •       transaction management
  •       data security
  •       non-standard Implementations


What you will you learn? Which questions are answered?

  • How to build a relational DB?
  • How does query processing work?
  • Why do index structures speed up queries? Which index structures are there? What are their advantages / disadvantages? Which one to use?
  • Why did we burden students with relational algebra in RDB1 when there is SQL?
  • How does relational algebra help in query optimization?
  • Which optimization paradigms are there? How do they work?
  • Why do database administrators get paid that well?
  • What is transaction management for? What has to be done to implement it? What alternatives are there?
  • How can you ensure that data is not lost?
  • How to harded you DB againt power outages, fires, or earthquakes?
  • How else can I implement a relational database?
  • ... and many more!

Which pre-requisites are there?

  • No special requirements. However, successful participation in Relational Databases 1 is highly recommended.
  • It is a Masters course. Bachelor students may attend the lecture according to their examination regulations.



07.04.2011 System Architecture Slides Video 1  
14.04.2011 Physical Data Storage Slides broken, use this  Slides updated (19.04.)
21.04.2011 Indexing and Access Paths Slides Video 3  
28.04.2011 Trees and Advanced Indexes Slides Video 4  
05.05.2011 Query Processing Slides Video 5  
12.05.2011 Query Optimization Slides Video 6  
19.05.2011 Query Optimization II Slides Video 7  
26.05.2011 Query Optimization III Slides Video 8  
09.06.2011 Transaction Processing Slides Video 9  
23.06.2011 Transaction Processing II Slides Video 10  
29.06.2011 Recovery I Slides Video 11  
07.07.2011 Security Slides Video 12  


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