Lecture “Deductive Databases and Knowledge-Based Systems”

Master (Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik / Internet Technologies and Information Systems)
Oral (25 minutes, English or German)
Regular Dates: 
Wednesdays, 9:45-12:00; IZ161


This lecture will be part of the ITIS M.Sc. program. Therefore, all lectures and exercises will be tought in English language. We will also offer video recordings of the lectures (slides+voice) for download. 


This lecture covers the topics of knowledge-based systems and deductive databases.

The focus will be on

  • First-order logic and clause programming (especially Datalog)
  • Deductive database architecture and query processing
  • Expert Systems
  • The Semantic Web

What you will you learn?

- What are knowledge-based systems? What can you do with them?
- Many KBS are based on formal logics. You will:
   - ...learn about different kinds of formal logic
   - ...learn syntactic basics of predicate logic
   - ...learn of how to interpret logical expressions
   - ...learn how to efficiently evaluate logical expressions in a database setting
   - ...how to design a KBS using different flavors of formal logic

- We will show you how the vision of knowledge based systems was born and what became of it
- We will show you how the KBS ideas have been reborn within the semantic web
- We will show you how the semantic web works and what it tries to achieve



Lecture 1: Introduction PDF Video (partially broken)  
Lecture 2: Syntax  PDF Video Exercise
Lecture 3: Models   PDF Video Exercise
Lecture 4: Datalog 1  PDF    Video Exercise
Lecture 5: Datalog 2   PDF Video Exercise
Lecture 6: Datalog 3  PDF  Video  Exercise
Lecture 7: Datalog 4  PDF  Video  
Lecture 8: Probablistic & Non-Monoton  PDF  Video   
Lecture 9: Expert System  PDF  Video  Exercise 
Lecture 10: Representation & RDF  PDF  Video   
Lecture 11: Ontologies 1  PDF  Video  Exercise 
Lecture 12: Ontologies 2  PDF Video  Exercise 
Lecture 13: Social Systems  PDF  Video   
Lecture 14: Question Answering PDF Video   




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