Lecture "Relational Database Systems 2"

Master Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik
Regular Dates: 
Tuesdays, 9:45-12:15, IZ 160


Als Prüfungstermine bieten wir den 19.07. sowie die Woche vom 13.-16.08. an. Einige wenige Ausweichtermine für diejenigen, bei denen es im August (oder Juli) gar nicht geht, wird es in der Woche vom 3.-7.9. geben. Allerdings werden diese Prüfungstermine alle am späten Nachmittag (ab frühestens 16 Uhr) liegen und die Anzahl ist stark begrenzt.

Meldungen für die Prüfungen bitte bei Frau Dalkiran im Sekretariat des IFIS in Raum 236.

In contrast to Relational Databases 1, this lecture will focus on how to implement a relational database. All major challenges are discussed and different solutions are presented.

The focus will be on

  •       basic architecture of relational databases
  •       index structures
  •       query processing
  •       query optimization
  •       transaction management
  •       data security
  •       non-standard Implementations


What you will you learn? Which questions are answered?

  • How to build a relational DB?
  • How does query processing work?
  • Why do index structures speed up queries? Which index structures are there? What are their advantages / disadvantages? Which one to use?
  • Why did we burden students with relational algebra in RDB1 when there is SQL?
  • How does relational algebra help in query optimization?
  • Which optimization paradigms are there? How do they work?
  • Why do database administrators get paid that well?
  • What is transaction management for? What has to be done to implement it? What alternatives are there?
  • How can you ensure that data is not lost?
  • How to harded you DB againt power outages, fires, or earthquakes?
  • How else can I implement a relational database?
  • ... and many more!

Which pre-requisites are there?

  • No special requirements. However, successful participation in Relational Databases 1 is highly recommended.
  • It is a Masters course. Bachelor students may attend the lecture according to their examination regulations.


Exercises Video
10.04.2012 System Architecture Slides Exercise01 Video 1 Problem with the sound. Link to last semester.
17.04.2012 Physical Data Storage Slides Exercise02 Video 2  
24.04.2012 Indexing and Access Paths Slides Exercise03 Video 3  
08.05.2012 Trees and Advanced Indexes Slides Exercise04 Video 4  
15.05.2012 Query Processing Slides Exercise05 Video 5  
22.05.2012 Query Optimization Slides Exercise06 Video 6  
05.06.2012 Query Optimization II Slides Exercise07 Video 7  
12.06.2012 Query Optimization III Slides no homework :) Video 8  
19.06.2012 Transaction Processing Slides Exercise09 Video 9  
26.06.2012 Transaction Processing II Slides Exercise10 Video 10  
03.07.2012 Recovery I Slides no homework :) Video 11  
10.07.2012 Security Slides no homework :) Video 12  
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