Software Entwicklungs Praktikum “News Miner”

Softwarepraktikum im Bachelor Informatik und Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik
depending on your examination rules
a number of deadlines need to be met
Regular Dates: 
team meetings on a weekly basis
additional meetings prior to important deadlines

Participants of the Software Entwicklungs Praktikum (SEP) will self-responsively design a software project and program an appropriate prototype. They work in a small self-organized team and will be provided with proper project management software. We expect our students to have good programming skills in Java (and/or Scala) and to be deeply committed to the given task.

This SEP's task is to implement “News Miner” – a real-time digital newspaper that extracts and utilizes Twitter trends to search for up-to-date RSS articles. These newsworthy articles are then composed to a digital newspaper and presented to the user. Participants will have to understand and utilize Natural Language Processing Techniques for trend extraction and comparision of trends to newspaper article contents (since these algorithms are part of IfIS master lectures, the participants can learn them by watching our lecture videos).

Regardless if you are interested in working with huge data samples (and the arising complex problems, e.g. parallelization), in extracting semantics from natural language texts (what is trendy?) or in developing a reasonable GUI for an online newspaper – you will be confronted with all these challenges in this year's SEP at IfIS.

You will have to work in and with the following software environments:

A Redmine server containing an SVN installation and a bug tracker will be deployed for you at ISF. However, you are invited to use git locally and push to the remote SVN if you like. The used programming language will most likely be Scala (functional programming) which runs on the JVM. The twitter stream data is delivered in JSON and the newspaper visualization should be developed in Javascript/CSS3.

Grades and supervision:
SEP is supervised by the Institute für Softwaretechnik und Fahrzeuginformatik (ISF). They host their own SEP website containing dates, deadlines, information and a mailinglist all participants should subscribe to. The ISF will also grade all documentation documents.

Date Topic Material
31.01.2013 SEP Presentations
[file] SEP-Presentation.pdf [file] SEP-description-german.pdf
03.04.2013 10:00 Kick-Off Meeting  
17.04.2013 Pflichtenheft deadline  
24.04.2013 Systemtest specification deadline  
15.05.2013 Systementwurf I deadline  
29.05.2013 Interim Presentations and Prototype  
26.06.2013 Systementwurf II deadline  
10.07.2013 Testdokumentation and Testprotokoll deadline  
11.07.2013 Tag der jungen Softwareentwickler (TDSE)  


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