Lecture “Distributed Data Management”

Master Informatik / Master ITIS
Regular Dates: 
Mondays, 8:45-11:00, IZ161
Informatikzentrum, Braunschweig

Exam dates will be  between 11th-13th August and 15th-18th September. 
In order to get an exam date, please register with your responsible exam office (ITIS students: Prüfungsamt Hannover, M.Sc. Inf students: Prüfungsamt Braunschweig). Then, please contact our secretary Regine Dalkiran to make an appointment. Usually, you can select a date and some basic preference like morning / afternoon, and then get a slot assigned.

Lecture Contents

In this lecture, we cover basic and advanced concepts of distributed data management.

The lecture features three major topic areas:

  • Distributed Databases and Distributed Transaction Systems, representing the "classic" foundations of distributed storage with full transactional support
    • Data Fragmentation
    • Distributed Query Processing
    • Distributed Transaction Processing
  • P2P Systems, featuring ad-hoc distributed data storage in networks with unreliable peers
    • Unstructured P2P Networks
    • Distributed Hash Tables
    • Network Models
    • Content Provisioning Networks 
    • Durable P2P
  • Cloud Storage, aiming at a fusion of the previous two concepts and providing highly scalable and reliable distributed storage solutions
    • Concepts of Cloud Storage
    • Amazon Dynamo
    • Google Bigtable
    • Cassandra 
    • Hadoop, HDF, and HBase
    • Cloud Computing




Lecture Slides 

We are experiencing irreproducable problems with our video recording hardware. If a video should be too broken, please note that this lecture was already tought a couple of semesters back with only minor changes to the script (only lectures 12 and 13 will be replaced). However, the video recordings from back then are in German only (which might suit some of you even better), and are in FLV format which you can play back for example using VLCplayer. The old videos can be found here.

Nr Date Topic Slides Exercise Video Comments
1 14.04. Introduction PDF  PDF MP4   
2 28.04  Partitioning  PDF   PDF MP4 Video is missing the slide track, so please read along the slides offline (speaker video and audio is working) 
3 05.05.  Query Processing  PDF   PDF MP4   
4 12.05.  Transaction Management PDF    MP4   
5 19.05. P2P PDF PDF MP4  
6 26.05. DHT PDF PDF MP4  
7 02.05. Models PDF PDF MP4  
  09.06. NO LECTURE        
8 16.06. Content Distribution PDF   MP4  
9 23.06. Durability PDF   MP4  
10 30.06. Towards the Cloud PDF   MP4  
11 07.06. GFS & BigTable PDF    MP4  
// 14.06. NO LECTURE  -    -  
12 21.06. The Cloud PDF    MP4   


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File DDM_2014_02.mp402/05/14 2:36 pm282.58 MB
File Distributed_03_Queries.pdf05/05/14 8:10 am3.29 MB
File Dist_02_Exercise_Fragmentation.pdf06/05/14 1:16 pm251.34 KB
File Dist_01_Exercise_Intro.pdf06/05/14 1:16 pm248.29 KB
File Dist_03_Exercise_Queries.pdf06/05/14 1:16 pm692.49 KB
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File Distributed_05_P2P_Intro.pdf20/05/14 6:34 pm4.81 MB
File Dist_05_Exercise_P2P_Unstruct.pdf20/05/14 6:37 pm242.09 KB
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File Dist_07_Exercise_P2P_Models.pdf03/06/14 2:20 pm449.59 KB
File ddm14_08.mp417/06/14 6:15 pm208.12 MB
File Distributed_08_P2P_ContentProvisioning.pdf17/06/14 6:18 pm1.82 MB
File ddm14_09.mp424/06/14 11:31 am257.17 MB
File Distributed_09_P2P_Durable.pdf24/06/14 11:36 am2.58 MB
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File Distributed_10_TowardsTheCloud.pdf01/07/14 10:54 am2.5 MB
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File Distributed_11_Cloud_Bigtable.pdf08/07/14 1:24 pm2.82 MB
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File Distributed_12_Cloud.pdf22/07/14 5:34 pm5.7 MB