Lecture "Distributed Data Management"

Master (Informatik/Wirtschaftsinformatik/ITIS)
Regular Dates: 
Thursday, 10:30-13:00
IZ 161

In this lecture, we cover basic and advanced concepts of distributed data management. The lecture will be in English, and we will provide video recordings shortly after each lecture session.

The lecture features three major topic areas:

  • Distributed Databases and Distributed Transaction Systems, representing the "classic" foundations of distributed storage with full transactional support
    • Data Fragmentation
    • Distributed Query Processing
    • Distributed Transaction Processing
  • P2P Systems, featuring ad-hoc distributed data storage in networks with unreliable peers
    • Unstructured P2P Networks
    • Distributed Hash Tables
    • Network Models
    • Content Provisioning Networks 
    • Durable P2P
  • Cloud Storage, aiming at a fusion of the previous two concepts and providing highly scalable and reliable distributed storage solutions
    • Concepts of Cloud Storage
    • Amazon Dynamo
    • Google Bigtable
    • Cassandra 
    • Hadoop, HDF, and HBase
    • Cloud Computing
  Date Topic Slides Videos
1 05.04.2018 Introduction Slides Video
2 12.04.2018 Partioning Slides Video
3 19.04.2018 Query Processing Slides Video
4 26.04.2018 Transaction Management Slides Video
5 03.05.2018 Introduction to P2P Slides Video
6 17.05.2018 DHT Slides Video
7 31.05.2018 P2P Models Slides Video
8 07.06.2018 P2P Content Provisioning Slides Video
9 14.06.2018 P2P Durability Slides Video
10 21.06.2018 Introduction to the Cloud Slides Video
11 28.06.2018 GFS & BigTable Slides Video
12 05.07.2018 Advanced consistency: Megastore & Spanner Slides Video
13 12.07.2018 Map-Reduce Slides Video