Current students' theses

If you are interested in writing a student thesis, please talk to our staff members directly. Furthermore, consult our thesis guide before applying (in German).

Fichtel, Leandra
Developing a Hybrid System of a Knowledge Base and Language Model (Kalo)
Heberle, Volker
Association Rule Mining on Knowledge Graphs with Literals (Kalo)
Kim, Hongsik
Exploring Ontological Knowledge in Language Models (Kalo)

Beidoun, Mohamed
Optimizing ontology-expanded Graph Queries for Document Retrieval (Kroll)

Giesmann, Lars
Investigation of Storytelling Approaches for the Explainability of Neural Pharmaceutical Word-Embeddings (Wawrzinek)
Schönfelder, Torben
Learning Semantically Optimized Embedding-Spaces for Pharmaceutical Entities (Wawrzinek)