Current students' theses

If you are interested in writing a student thesis, please talk to our staff members directly. Furthermore, consult our thesis guide before applying (in German).

Ruthmann, Johannes
Instance-dependent reconstructability for lossy decompositions of complex relations (Balke)

Lund, Lars Christian
Definitions-basierte Erkennung von hyponymen Relationen in Knowledge-Graphen (Kalo)

Ehler, Phil
Evaluating the Classification Performance for Lexical Relationships in Open Knowledge Graph Embeddings (Kroll)

Yilmazer, Ayda
Ontology-based Matching of Structures in Data Sets vs. Narrative Structures (Nagel)

Zeer, Saleh
Utilizing Storylines for Document Summarization (Plötzky)

Giesmann, Lars
Investigation of Storytelling Approaches for the Explainability of Neural Pharmaceutical Word-Embeddings (Wawrzinek)
Schönfelder, Torben
Learning Semantically Optimized Embedding-Spaces for Pharmaceutical Entities (Wawrzinek)