Vorlesung „Relationale Datenbanksysteme I“

Bachelor Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik
Friday, 28. August 2009, 8:30 in PK 15.1.
Regular Dates: 
Lecture & Exercise Tuesday, 15:00-17:15; Room PK 2.2; now with short break included...


Results have been published at our whiteboard. If you are not able to visit it, you may ask for your result at lofi (at) ifis.cs.tu-bs.de .

"Einsichtnahme" ist next Tuesday, 08.09.2009, in IZ 251 from 14:00-16.00.



This course provides an introduction into the area of databases. For students in "Bachelor Informatk" or "Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik", the additional lab course "SQL-Praktikum" is recommended.





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Please note that you won't need 50% of all exercise points anymore in order to take the exam. Exercises have to be turned in until Tuesday before the next lecture and should be completed in teams of two students each (i.e. one solution with two names on it). Write your names and “Matrikelnummer” on each
page. If you have multiple pages, staple them together! Please hand in your solutions on paper into the mailbox at the IFIS floor (Mühlenpfordtstraße 23, 2nd floor).

Exercise Solutions can be written in either English or German.
Teams of 2 Students each means: 2 Students and 1 Solution with both names and both "Matrikelnummer" (not: 2 Students, 2 Solutions).

Exercise Hiwis


A) Christian Nieke dbprak50atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de

B) Umut Turan dbprak51atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de

C) Zümray Yasa dbprak52atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de

D) Simo Romuald  dbprak53atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de

E) Willi Motio dbprak54atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de

F) Mohamed Saad dbprak55atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de

G) Nejd Zrelli dbprak56atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de

H) Simplice Yemetio dbprak57atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de


It seems that the group-ID system does not work -  so feel free to put or not to put your ID on the solutions; we will continue to distribute them randomly among the correction-HiWi's.