Seminar “Best of Data Mining”

Master Informatik
4 or 5 (depending on examination rules)
Seminar talk, active discussion, attendance
Regular Dates: 
Tuesdays, 15:00–17:15
Room IZ 251 (Informatikzentrum, Mühlenpfordtstraße 23)

In this seminar, we will have a close look at the most important and influential data mining methods. Each participant will present one method in a scientific talk. However, the real focus of this seminar lies on how to give clear and interesting presentations. For this purpose, we will read and discuss the excellent book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, which is about how to communicate in a sticky fashion, that is, how to make sure that the audience clearly realizes your point and easily can remember it and its importance.

Important notice: In order to better understand the subject of the seminar, please attend the seminar presentation on Tuesday 13.7.2010, 17:00 in SN 20.2. Please also have a look at our presentation slides.

Note that the number of participants is limited to six. Registration will be handled by the online system QIS. The registration period starts on Monday, 2.8.2010. Due to the small number of seminar slots, we recommend registration only for students that are not afraid of hard work.

Important: This seminar is designed for master students. However, bachelor students may participate if they want to, although we do not recommend it. If you are a bachelor student, please think twice before registering (please contact us if you have any questions).

One seminar topic will be assigned to each participant at our first seminar meeting. Here is the list of topics to choose from; it is based on a voting among leading experts in data mining research (the associated journal article can be downloaded at



  Date Topic Materials
 1 26.10.2010 Introduction, organizational issues, and assignment of topics Introduction
 2  2.11.2010 What's a good talk? Good Talks 1
 3  9.11.2010 Case studies, part 1 Edmund Stoiber (2002)
Steve Jobs (keynote at Macworld 2007)
Richard Stallman (2005, talk at the University of Calgary)
Rudolf Bayer (2001, at Software Pioneers conference; video not publicly available)
Dagmar Starke (2010, at first session of the Stuttgart 21 mediation)
 4 16.11.2010 Case studies, part 2 Benjamin Zander (at TED2008)
Hans Rosling (at TED@Cannes 2010)
Brian Greene (at TED2005)
Merlin Mann (at Google, 2007)
Simon Sinek (at TEDxPuget Sound 2009)
Lawrence Lessig (at TED2007)
 5 23.11.2010 What's a good talk? (second try)
 6 30.11.2010 7 short talks
 7  7.12.2010 Talk #1: Sergej Dechand (EM)
 8 14.12.2010 Talk #2: Philipp Wille (PageRank)
 9  4. 1.2011 Talk #3: Simon Barthel (AdaBoost)
10 11. 1.2011 Talk #4: Martin Hentschel (Apriori)
11 18. 1.2011 Talk #5: Patrick McLaren (C4.5)
12 25. 1.2011 Talk #6: Ines Meinecke (SVM)
13  1. 2.2011 Talk #7: Saskia Brunswig (CART)
14 11. 2.2011, 13:00 Summary and grading
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