Lecture “Distributed Data Management”

Master Informatik
Oral (20.-24.02.2012 & 19.-23.03.2012)
Regular Dates: 
Mondays, 15:00-17:15, IZ 161

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Lecture Contents

In this lecture, we cover basic and advanced concepts of distributed data management.

The lecture features three major topic areas:

  • Distributed Databases and Distributed Transaction Systems, representing the "classic" foundations of distributed storage with full transactional support
    • Data Fragmentation
    • Distributed Query Processing
    • Distributed Transaction Processing
  • P2P Systems, featuring ad-hoc distributed data storage in networks with unreliable peers
    • Unstructured P2P Networks
    • Distributed Hash Tables
    • Network Models
    • Content Provisioning Networks 
    • Durable P2P
  • Cloud Storage, aiming at a fusion of the previous two concepts and providing highly scalable and reliable distributed storage solutions
    • Concepts of Cloud Storage
    • Amazon Dynamo
    • Google Bigtable
    • Cassandra 
    • Hadoop, HDF, and HBase
    • Cloud Computing







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