Lecture “Relational Database Systems 1”

Bachelor Informatik / Wirtschaftsinformatik
4 or 5 (depending on your course of study and exam regulations)
Regular Dates: 
Thursday, 15:00-17:30, in room PK 2.2

This course provides an introduction to relational databases. For students in “Bachelor Informatik” or “Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik”, we strongly recommend the (optional) accompanying lab SQL.

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Die Wiederholungsklausur findet am 12.09. von 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr statt.


ZI 24.2


Mo, 17.09., 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr

Raum 217 (Bibliothek) des Instituts!




Note that lectures and exercises will not be separated. Exercise parts will be interlaced into the lecture whereever adequate.

The tutorial groups will start in the third semester week (08./09.11).

Here is the link to our HiWi page were you will find information about frequent errors in the exercises:


Please note, the tutorial groups are the same as for the SQL Lab. You can find the details for each group here: www.ifis.cs.tu-bs.de/teaching/ws-1112/sql


  Date Contents Slides Exams Videos Comments
1 27.10.2011 Introduction Slides Exercise01 Video 1  
2 03.11.2011 Modeling 1 Slides Exercise02 Video 2  
3 10.11.2011 Modeling 2 Slides Exercise03 Video 3  
4 17.11.2011 View Integration Slides Exercise04 Video 4 Unfortunately, the laptop died during the lecture. But finally I was able to recover most parts of the video :)
5 24.11.2011 Relational Model Slides Exercise05 Video 5  
6 01.12.2011 Relational Algebra Slides Exercise06 Video 6  
7 08.12.2011 Relational Calculus Slides Exercise07 Video 7  
8 15.12.2011 SQL Slides Exercise08 Video 8  
9 22.12.2011 SQL 2 Slides Exercise09 Video 9  
10 12.01.2012 Normalization Slides Exercise10 Video 10  
11 19.01.2012 Application Programming Slides Exercise11 Video 11  
12 26.01.2012 Application Programming 2 Slides Exercise12 Video 12  
13 02.02.2012 Object Persistence Slides    Video 13

Problem with the sound. Therefore, link to last semester.

Slides updated: Changed the room for the exam (12.03.2012)

14 09.02.2012 Active Databases Slides    Video 14  

File ES01 - Introduction.pdf27/10/11 5:40 pm95.6 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v1_Introduction.pdf27/10/11 5:41 pm3.54 MB
File rdb1-ws1112-v2_Modeling1.pdf03/11/11 5:43 pm4.18 MB
File ES02 -Data Modeling.pdf03/11/11 5:44 pm85.06 KB
File ES03 -Data Modeling 2.pdf10/11/11 5:38 pm100.59 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v3_Modeling2.pdf10/11/11 5:38 pm5.4 MB
File rdb1-ws1112-v4_Integration_.pdf17/11/11 5:09 pm4.02 MB
File ES04 -Integration.pdf17/11/11 5:10 pm83.46 KB
File ES05 - Relational Model.pdf24/11/11 6:03 pm303.63 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v5_RelationalModel.pdf24/11/11 6:04 pm2.75 MB
File rdb1-ws1112-v7_RelationalCalculus.pdf08/12/11 5:45 pm2.45 MB
File ES07 - Relational Calculus.pdf08/12/11 5:47 pm445.98 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v8_SQL1.pdf15/12/11 5:45 pm2.85 MB
File ES08 - SQL 1.pdf15/12/11 5:45 pm115.08 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v9_SQL2.pdf22/12/11 4:50 pm3.34 MB
File ES09 - SQL2.pdf22/12/11 4:51 pm284.28 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v10_Normalization.pdf12/01/12 5:35 pm2.16 MB
File ES10 - Normalization.pdf12/01/12 5:35 pm136.3 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v11_ApplicationProgramming1.pdf19/01/12 5:49 pm3.36 MB
File ES11 - App Programming.pdf19/01/12 5:49 pm387.06 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v12_ApplicationProgramming2.pdf26/01/12 5:31 pm3.9 MB
File ES12 - App Programming II.pdf26/01/12 5:31 pm196.33 KB
File rdb1-ws1112-v14_ActiveDatabases.pdf09/02/12 5:51 pm4.32 MB
File rdb1-ws1112-v13_ObjectDatabases.pdf12/03/12 11:01 am4.84 MB