Seminar "Big Data Challenges in Digital Libraries"

Master Informatik, wirtschaftinformatik
Seminar talk, active discussion, attendance
Regular Dates: 
Tuesday 15:00-16:30 / Room IZ 251

In this seminar, we will have a close look at digital libraries. Each participant will present one topic in a scientific talk. However, the real focus of this seminar lies on how to give clear and interesting presentations. For this purpose, we will analyze different talks and will introduce other presentation tools than power point.

Note that the number of participants is limited to 8. Registration will be handled by the institute. Due to the small number of seminar slots, we recommend registration only for students that are not afraid of hard work.

Important: This seminar is designed for master students. However, bachelor students may participate if they want to, although we do not recommend it. If you are a bachelor student, please think twice before registering (please contact us if you have any questions).

The seminar will be held in English language.

One seminar topic will be assigned to each participant at our first seminar meeting. Here is the list of topics to choose from:

1. From Past to Present
2. Digital Libraries in Use
3. Quality in DL
4. Introduction to Big Data
5. Big Data in DL
6. Digital Curation
7. Content Indexing
8. Content Ranking
9. Visualization in DL
10. Long Time Preservation
11. Business models for DL

Registration/Deregistration is not possible after 01/11/2016


Date Topic Material
18.10.2016 Kick-Off, Introduction + Topic Assignment slides
25.10.2016 Talk Analysis Stoiber about Transrapid
Steve Jobs (IPhone launch)
Benjamin Zander (classical music)
Günther Oettinger on Globalisation
Clifford Stoll ... on everything
01.11.2016 Talk Analysis 2

Hans Rosling (boxes and population growth)
Lawrence Lessig (telling stories)
Simon Sinek (what, how, why)
James Geary (metaphorically speaking)
Brian Greene (free talk plus videos)
Merlin Mann (sad panda)

08.11.2016 Designing a good talk Slides
15.11.2016 Rhetorical exercises  
22.11.2016 Rhetorical exercises  
29.11.2016 Rhetorical exercises  
06.12.2016 Rhetorical exercises  
13.12.2016 Rhetorical exercises  
10.01.2017 Introduction to Big Data  
17.01.2017 Long time Preservation  
24.01.2017 Big Data applied to DL  
31.01.2017 Content indexing