Lecture "Ramp Up Course Computer Science"

Master Data Science
Regular Dates: 
Lectures every Monday (15:00 - 16:30) and Friday (08:00 - 09:30)
Exercises every Friday (09:45 - 11:15)
Lectures and Exercises take place in IZ 251 or Online

This module is provided by the Institute for Information Systems (IfIS), the Institute of Software Engineering and Automotive Informatics (ISF), the Institute of System Security (Sec) and the Distributed Systems group of the Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks (IBR-DS).

The audience of this course are Data Science master students which achieved a BSc in mathematics. Data Science students with a BSc in computer science should refer to the corresponding ramp up course in mathematics!

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Lecture modes
  • IfIS: lectures and exercises take place in IZ 251 - recordings of the lectures are provided on this page
  • ISF: lectures and exercises take place in IZ 251 - recordings of the lectures are provided in Stud.IP
  • Sec: the lectures are provided on demand as videos below. The exercises will take place as video conference in BBB (see Stud.IP for the access code and take the link below)
  • IBR-DS: lectures and exercises are held in a BBB room in the respective time slots each Monday and Friday

After successful completion of this module, students have a basic understanding of the underlying concepts of computer science that are necessary for data science.

They are able to

  • design and develop software systems for data analysis (ISF)
  • understand and implement distributed analysis processes (IBR-DS)
  • apply and operate modern database systems (IfIS)
  • evaluate and protect the security and privacy of data (Sec)


Day Date Topic Slides Videos Institute
Mo. 08.11 Introduction and Data Modeling [IS1] [IS1] IfIS
Fr. 12.11 Software Development Processes & Requirement Analysis [SE1] Stud.IP ISF
Mo. 15.11 The Relational Model [IS2] [IS2] IfIS
Fr. 19.11 Class Diagrams [SE2] Stud.IP ISF
Mo. 22.11 Relational Databases and SQL [IS3] [IS3] IfIS
Fr. 26.11 Behavioral Diagrams [SE3] Stud.IP ISF
Mo. 29.11 Semi-Structured Data Formats [IS4] [IS4] IfIS
Wed. 01.12 Software Architecture & Design Patterns [SE4] Stud.IP ISF
Mo. 06.12 Data Annotation and Knowledge Graphs [IS5] [IS5] IfIS
Fr. 10.12 Quality Management [SE5] Stud.IP ISF
Mo. 13.12 Introduction to Text Mining [IS6] [IS6] IfIS
Fr. 17.12 Project Management [SE6] Stud.IP ISF
  on-demand Introduction and Security Basics [S1] [S1.1], [S1.2], [S1.3] Sec
  on-demand Cryptography in a Nutshell [S2] [S2.1], [S2.2], [S2.3], [S2.4] Sec
  on-demand Authentication & Access Control [S3] [S3.1], [S3.2], [S3.3] Sec
  on-demand Network and Software Security [S4.1] [S4.1.1], [S4.1.2], [S4.1.3] Sec
  on-demand Attacks on Machine Learning [S4.2] [S4.2.1], [S4.2.2] Sec
Mo. 24.01 Introduction to Distributed Systems [DS1] [DS1] IBR-DS
Fr. 28.01 Communication [DS2] [DS2] IBR-DS
Mo. 31.01 Fault Tolerance [DS3] [DS3] IBR-DS
Fr. 04.02 Scalability [DS4] [DS4] IBR-DS



Date Topic Material Media Institute
12.11 Data Modeling [Ex1], [Sol1] - IfIS
19.11 Software Development Processes & Requirement Analysis [Ex1], [Sol1] - ISF
26.11 Relational Model and SQL [Ex2], [Sol2] - IfIS
03.12 Class Diagrams  & Behavioral Diagrams [Ex2], [Sol2] - ISF
10.12 Data Annotation and Knowledge Graphs [Ex3], [Sol3] - IfIS
17.12 Software Architecture & Quality Management [Ex3], [Sol3] - ISF
14.01 Exercise 1 on IT Security   BBB Sec
21.01 Exercise 2 on IT Security   BBB Sec
28.01 IBR-DS Exercise 1 [Ex1] BBB IBR-DS
04.02 IBR-DS Exercise 2 [Ex2] BBB IBR-DS