Lecture "Relational Database Systems 1"

120 Minuten, schriftlich
Regular Dates: 
Thursdays, 15:00 – 17:30

Terminänderung der Einsichtnahme RDB1 SoSe 2015:

Die Einsichtnahme findet am Montag, dem 31.08., von 16:30 bis 17:30 Uhr in Raum IZ 251 statt. 


This course provides an introduction to relational databases. We strongly encourage Bachelor Informatik or Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik students to participate in the accompaning SQL Lab (which will focus on some of the practical lecture topics). This course is a module consisting of two parts. The first part will grant you 1 credit point for getting at least 50% of all homework points. Passing the exam at the end of the semester will grant you 4 credit points. You need to pass both parts to complete the module.

Your homework has to be turned in until the due date indicated on top of the the current assignment, before the lecture starts. Please work together in groups of two students, larger groups are not permitted. Write your names and matriculation numbers on each page of your homework. If you have multiple pages, staple them together! Please drop your solutions into the homework box at our institute (Informatikzentrum, second floor, next to room 238) or hand them over to us right before the lecture begins. The tutorial groups will start in the third course week.

There are multiple places where you have to register in order to attend in this lecture:

  1. The registration form(link removed) for this lecture and the SQL Lab. Here you can choose your preferred tutorium dates, your preferred teammate and you can choose if you attend RDB, the SQL-Lab, or both. The time slots you can choose from are for both RDB1 exercises (first half of the time) and for SQL-Lab (second half of the time), i.e. you choose single tutorial slot for RDB1 and/or SQL-Lab. We will use this tool to assign you an exercise partner and a tutorial slot.
  2. The homework management system. Here our hiwis enter the score of your submitted homeworks. (both for RDB and the SQL-Lab)
  3. The Stud.IP lecture page. Here you can discuss the lecture material in the forums, and allows us to send important notifications.

Your submitted homework will be discussed in weekly tutoriums. The dates for these tutoriums are:

# Day Time Room Hiwi Email
1 Tuesday 11:30-13:00 IZ 160 Yevgen Pikus gruppe1atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
2 Tuesday 13:15-14:45 IZ 358 Gerald Jauch gruppe2atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
3 Tuesday 15:00-16:30 IZ 251 Felix Geilert gruppe3atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
4 Tuesday 16:45-18:15 IZ 251 Markus Bucki gruppe4atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
5 Wednesday 08:00-09:45 IZ 160 Sina Winsmann gruppe5atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
6 Wednesday 08:00-09:45 IZ 161 Nora Widdecke gruppe6atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
7 Wednesday 13:15-14:45 RR 58.1 Rebecca Finster gruppe7atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
8 Wednesday 15:00-16:30 IZ 160 Raimund Waning gruppe8atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
9 Wednesday 15:00-16:30 IZ 305 Vincent Breitmoser gruppe9atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de
10 Wednesday 16:45-18:15 RR 58.1 Raimund Waning gruppe10atifis [dot] cs [dot] tu-bs [dot] de



  Date Topic Slides Exercises Videos Comments
1 23.10.2014 Introduction Slides Exercise Video  
2 30.10.2014 Data Modeling 1 Slides Exercise Video
(from last year)
Minor update in Exercise 2d.
Both versions will be accepted.
3 06.11.2014 Data Modeling 2 Slides Exercise Video  
4 13.11.2014 View Integration Slides Exercise Video Minor update in Appendix A. Concerning Exercise 4.2a both versions will be accepted.
5 20.11.2014 Relational Model Slides Exercise Video  
6 27.11.2014 Relational Algebra Slides Exercise Video  
7 04.12.2014 Relational Calculus Slides Exercise Video  
8 11.12.2014 SQL 1 Slides Exercise Video  
9 18.12.2014 SQL 2 Slides Exercise Video  
10 08.01.2015 Normalization Slides Exercise Video  
11 15.01.2015 Application Programming 1 Slides Exercise Video lost. Use this instead.   
12 22.01.2015 Application Programming 2 Slides Exercise Video  
13 29.01.2015 Object Persistence Slides no Exercise Video  
14 05.02.2015 Active Databases Slides no Exercise Video